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Duplication Equipment Sales

Broadcast A/V Equipment

After 20 years in business, Duplication Specialists, Inc. has acquired an extensive knowledge along with a large and dynamic inventory of new and used broadcast A/V equipment. Selected video, audio and computer equipment is now for sale. .Our experience in consultation and installation of Duplication, Editing and Manufacturing facilities in North & South America, Caribbean, Europe and Africa is vast. No destination is too remote to outfit and support. .Be assured that when you call us, you are not just getting a sales person but you are reaching an engineering consultant. .Buy with confidence in our tested and guaranteed equipment at prices that are fractions of the original list price.


Click here for prv-lx1.com our dedicated PRV-LX1 sales, services and parts website

Duplication Specialists Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for Pioneer Broadcast and its replacement parts like drives, cards and other electronic and physical parts , etc. The parts we sell come with full Pioneer warranty and we stand behind the products we sell with advice.

Our most requested part is the replacement drive for the PRV - LX1 duplicator. Currently we are stocking the Pioneer P/N DXX 2588 which is the exact correct replacement for Pioneer P/N 2XX 2532 which is discontinued. Both part numbers will function side by side in any PRVLX1 unit. All drives are region free and are functional anywhere in the world.

The Pioneer drive, P/N DXX 2588, currently sells for $468. Drives can be expedited for overnight and international shipment. Payment can be made by Credit card, Paypal or via Check.

Duplication Specialists, Inc. also offers refurbished Pioneer PRV-LX1 recorders since there are no subtitutes for this NLA unit. Pristine units in different configurations with up to a 60 Day warranty are available for immediate shipment. Please call 1-800-227-1382 for current pricing.


To purchase: please contact our Sales Department at sales@dupespec.com or call us any time during east coast business hours at (516) 867-7300

Click here for prv-lx1.com our dedicated PRV-LX1 sales, services and parts website

PESA Systems


As a large video facility and user of PESA routing switchers, Duplication Specialists, Inc. has acquired an ever-changing stock of PESA/QuStream equipment.

In acquiring other companies and their video and audio routers, we have become very knowlegable on PESA and are impressed with their quality and reliability.

As PESA discontinues certain product lines, we become more important as your supplier of New Old Stock, reconditioned and used parts for the PESA RM4000, RM5000, BOBCAT and LYNX as well as JAGUAR, COUGAR, OCELOT, TIGER, CHEETAH, LNS-8 and PREMIERE lines.

We carry a large inventory of whole sytems, cards, power supplies, audio/video amplifiers, crosspoint cards, bus cards as well as 2400/3300/3500 controllers. We have experience with Series H and SYSTEM 40 equipment as well.

We provide the important engineering support and overnight shipping to keep your PESA/QuStream routing system online!

Contact us at (800)-227-1382 with your legacy PESA router/switcher needs.
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Microboards Duplication & Printing Solutions

We are a full line MICROBOARDS TECHNOLOGY dealer with equipment in stock and we support all the equipment that we sell. Stop in and see the equipment in action!

· We use these products in our facility on a daily basis and fully endorse them.

· Microboards service is both responsive and responsible, a rare find these days.

· Reliable, unlimited telephone support stands out as the best in the industry.

· The warranty for Microboards premium and standard towers is the industry's best! The two year limited warranty easily surpasses the industry-standard single year and includes unlimited phone support. (Two year limited warranty includes controller, enclosure, and power supply. Recorders are covered for one year)

We highly recommend the selected products listed below!

Visit the MICROBOARDS website for their full line of equipment, then come back to us for a competitive price quote.


PF-3 Disc Printer MAP $1,895


All-new from Microboards comes the industrial PF-3 Print Factory®—the low-cost, fast way to print CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD discs automatically. Better ink handling and reporting features, new print engine as well as additional disc path features for better disc centering  make this  a step up from the PF-2

Click here to view the PF-3 specifications

NEW! CX-1 Disc Publisher
MAP $2,095


For all-in-one publishing, the all-new CX-1 gives you all of the features and benefits of the PF-3 Print Factory® with an added high-speed DVD/CD recorder and a complete software suite.

The industrial CX-1 will burn virtually any DVD or CD format, including Dual Layer. Churches, schools, small office/home office, sales and marketing departments, videographers, and recording studios will benefit from its innovative design.

Click here to view the CX-1 Disc Publisher specifications
NEW! PF Pro Disc Printer
MAP $2,495


The PF-Pro is the all-new print-only version of the high-volume MX production series. Using the same great HP inkjet technology as the MX-1 and MX-2, the PF-Pro is the ideal printing solution at getting the most for your money with an amazing 9 cents per disc.

Click here to view the PF-PRO specifications

NEW! GX Disc Publisher
MAP $1,495


Make Discs on Your Desktop with the GX Print & Burn Station.

Easily design labels, print, and burn discs of superior quality! With its 50-disc input capacity, high-speed CD/DVD combo drive, integrated inkjet printer, and small desktop footprint, the GX is perfect for businesses and organizations requiring short runs of discs.

Anyone can benefit from its innovative design and low price point!”

Click here to view the GX Disc Publisher specifications

NEW!GX AutoPrinter
MAP $1,095


For print-only jobs, the GX AutoPrinter (part no. PX2-1000) is the latest innovation from Microboards.

Using the same trusted print engine and maintaining the same great look of the GX Disc Publisher, the AutoPrinter uses the vibrant ViveraTM inks from HP, giving your discs a sensational, long lasting color.

The GX Autoprinter features a 50-disc input with Microboards’ patented disc singulation technology. Insert 50 CDs or DVDs, walk away, and let the GX AutoPrinter do the rest.

Click here to view the GX AutoPrinter specifications MAP $2,095

Black and Color Microboards Ink Cartridges



Microboards printers require genuine Microboards ink cartridges!

We carry the full line of Mircoboards ink in both full color and black for any printer in the line up!

Standard DVD Tower Copiers/Premium DVD Tower Copiers


Microboards' Tower duplicators use a unique high-quality controller available only through Microboards. That's why Microboards always supports the latest record speeds and has the best track record in the industry! Microboards' Premium DVD Copiers feature high-speed, industrial Plextor recorders that copy both DVD and CD formats.

Click here to view the Standard and Premium DVD Tower copier specifications

Blu-Ray Towers


All-New Revolutionary Blu-Ray Recordable Technology!

A new era in recordable media is here. Expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition storage, the Blu-Ray disc provides for high-capacity data recording and duplication of over 50GB per disc. 

System Overview: The CopyWriter Blu-Ray series of tower duplicators employs either 4 or 10 recorders. The hard drive comes standard with the Pro system and allows for image archiving of up to 50GB. An intuitive, menu-driven display and a 5-button control interface provide one-touch operation for the novice user while providing advanced features for the professional.

Click here to view Blu-Ray Towers specifications

Overnight shipping of Microboards printers & duplicators is available.

Taiyo Yuden DVD and CDs ship from stock! Call us for an immediate quote.

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